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I'm a 22 years old guy from Sweden. I like most things about computers; games and programming being my favorites. I am autodidact in Java, web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP), C#, XAML, some minor C++, and Rust (a new favorite of mine). I would absolutely not say I'm the best at all these but I know my way around them.



Mårten Åsberg

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Maze Generation in Rust

For my first project in the programming language Rust, I created a terminal application that generates and animates mazes.


While home from university I found my LEGO MindStorm set and decided to build something with it. Recently having been on quite a few video calls, and wanting to build something useful, I came up with the idea to build a webcam that keeps my face in frame. A FaceFollower.

TV Controller

Use your web browser like a TV console by mapping controller buttons to keyboard strokes. Create custom mappings for a personalized experience!

Get it from the Microsoft Edge Addons store

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Summer job at Ericsson
I spent another summer at Ericsson with new tasks.
The program Informationsteknik
Summer job at Ericsson
I got to continue working at Ericsson during the summer.
I recived a scholarship from Värmländska ingenjörsföreningen
Internship at Ericsson
I got an internship at Ericsson through Tekniksprånget. I worked mainly with Angular, but also learned a great deal about software engineering in general.
Internship at CGI
I interned as a developer at CGI, programing in mainly Java.
I recived the Ljungbergsfondens Scholarship for prospective University and College students
Technology program the 4:th year Information and Media technology
CGI Young Generation
I were a teacher in C# for children
Technology program Information and Media technology
Nyeds Skola
Elementary school. I was Secretary of the Student Council.
Birth Date
I was born in Uddevalla, 15 december 1998